Friday, June 23, 2017

Week 48 - Happy 19th Birthday!

June 12, 2017

Thanks everybody for the Birthday wishes! The big 19! Maybe some people here will believe me when I tell them my age. hahaha probably not.

This week was very crazy. Lots of time taken out of working. Tuesday we had a District meeting, and we had to go to the offices to get a new cell phone. 

And the good part, we had lots of baptisms as a district. I think I was able to do 6 interviews this week, and also we had to ask another District Leader to come in to help out with the interviews.

Our one baptism here in Suarez 2 fell through, but things are still looking really good here.

Cecilia is progressing real well. She came to a baptism this week and was really involved with everything, and shes a very shy lady. 
Damiana and Javier are still having some problems, but theyre are coming to church still, and they want to be baptized
This week we haved planned that Daniel Diaz (Brother in law of Ruben Peña)

Theres not that many spiritual experiences this week, besides the baptismal interviews I could do. Theyre the coolest experiences ever!

Love you all!! I'll let you know about transfers if I get avised today!!!

Elder Ryan


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