Thursday, June 22, 2017

Week 44 - Happy Mothers Day!!!

May 15, 2017

To all Mothers out there, and especially my own, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Great day to be able to see you yesterday Ma!! I Love you and thanks for everything you do for me!

Its been a CRAZY week here in Suarez. and Not as much crazy stories, as just CRAZY BUSY.

Leading the District has been a challenge, but very rewarding, It's weird to already love the people in my District after 2 weeks. Even though it can be very, very time consuming. But oh well!

The big story this week was Ruben Peña. My family was able to meet him on my video call. Hes an investigator of about 8 months now. 

He hasn't been able to be baptized due to that he was living with a member, and theyweren't  married. But once we were able to get them to commit to marriage almost 4 months ago.

Since then there have been SO many battles! Mainly all coming from their paperwork to get married turning out bad. They almost cancelled the wedding because of it. But they stayed strong!

On Thursday this week they finally got married!!! On Friday President Smith did his baptismal interview. They both came out of it in tears, and President gifted him and his wife a cool Baptismal painting. President told us we were going to have a special day on Friday, because that night he was going to be Baptized (Ruben).
And he was!!

Ivan, his son and our other convert, was able to baptize him, and it was INCREDIBLE! Never in my mission had the spirit been so easily felt! It was my favorite baptism up to this point.

Sunday he was confirmed, and is now an Aaronic Priesthood holder in the Church!!

Even though the mission is hard, and long, and sometimes you´re so sick and tired of rejections that you just want to walk up to some lady in the street, and to say first thing "This is the only way to get to Christ!!" while showing her the Book of Mormon (Which we did this week, we have an appointment tomorrow). When you see the fruits of the Mission, its really great!!

Love you All!!! Thanks for all the support that you give me!!
Elder Ryan!!

Wedding Pics, Baptism Pics, Selfie on the way to talk to the Fam


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