Thursday, June 22, 2017

Week 40 - Presidente Nelson!

April 17, 2017

First off, how crazy to hear that Jesse is already home!! Hahaha so crazy and fast!!
Big News of the week! 
1. Laura Got Baptized
2. President Nelson came to the Mission!!
So it was a good week full of work as usual. During the week we were able to talk to Laura, and to make sure she was ready for baptism this weekend. She was able toshare with us an experience that she had had, where that she was affirmed completely that this is the Church of Jesus Christ! She was SOO excited to be baptized, and was officially baptized on Sunday.

Also this Sunday we were able to Confirm Ivan Peña. His parents were also able to set up their wedding this week, and Ivan will be able to Baptize his dad, Ruben, (His mom is already a member) in the beggining of May!!
Sunday, or Easter was incredible! I don`t know why, but the spirit was just strong the whole day!! It was so great!!
Today was AMAZING!! 
We met up as a mission with Mission Buenos Aires West, and we had a Meeting with the Presidency of the Area and President Russel M. Nelson!!!!! It was so cool!! 
While we were waiting, we were all studying. And nobody had seen him yet, but you could just feel that he had entered, when he did. It was so weird. Just at the same moment, every missionary felt something and started looking around, and we all knew that he had arrived!
After he had come in, they arranged so that we could all go and shake his hand. Ive never seen such loving eyes up so close. Even though he shook a lot of hands, you could just see the love in his eyes.
Then, we heard testimonies from all the Presidency 70 of the Area, and their wives. One of them, Mark A. Bragg, had just given a talk in General Conference (Which was one of my favorites, about Light!). 
Finally, after lots of great testimonies, we got to hear from President Nelson!
Wow, the knowledge he has was incredible. He talked of so many things, but he talked a lot about the house of Israel. He told us all of the genealogy, but most importantly, that the Tribe of Judah would prepare the 1st coming of the Lord (As he was born in that tribe) And the Tribe of Joseph would prepare the second. He then mentioned how we had prepared so carefully with musical numbers, security, and many other things to recieve him today. Now imagine how we have to prepare the Earth to recieve our Lord!! We in the Tribe of Joseph have been foreordained to prepare the way so that the Lord can complete the Abrahamic Covenant! 
It was cool to see, and hear him explain how we are the Elect to prepare the earth, and like it says in Abraham 3, we were ordained to do it.
It was kind of a deep talk.
Anyways I am kind of scrambling for time today because this took basically all our Pday, but no better way Spent!!
I Love You ALL!!!!!!
Love Elder Ryan
Night view from the roof of my Pension
Baptism of Laura
Saying goodbye to Aguilar

Panoramic view of conference. You can see Jordan on the left

Wedding pics with his matching tie:

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