Friday, June 23, 2017

Week 46 - The only secret to Missionary Work is WORK!

May 29, 2017

I'm not even sure what to write about to be quite honest. I feel like it was just another week.

But oh well. So you all now from my complaints, that it was very, very hot here. Well nature has flipped it on us, and now it is very cold. I am a little sick today from it, but we go forward anways.

We had a very successful week as a District. We were able to have numbers that were better than all but two zones!! It was incredible, and we are expecting lots of success this weekend. If you don't know about Districts and Zones. Our Mission is divided into 9 Zones, and each zone is divided into 2 disticts.

Elder Smith and I also had lots of success in the church. A woman named Cecilia came again, and if all goes well, she will be baptized this next Sunday.

We also had a kind of crazy lady come, named Blanca. Shes very intelligent, takes great notes, and understands better the scriptures than anybody I have taught up to date. Shes just a little crazy.

And Damiana came again this week with her husband, Javier. They almost didn't come when we passed by for them Sunday Morning. They had been up all night trying to pay off a late gas bill. They told us they had to work that day, or they`ll lose the house. We promised them if they kept the Sabbath holy, theyd be blessed for it.

They dropped everything they were doing, and came to church! PUM!! 
They have dates for the 11th of June! So hopefully I'll have some birthday baptisms ;) hahaa

The Field IS WHITE, and it is READY TO HARVEST! I have seen the biggest problem with missionaries is that they don't believe that they can baptize, or that is only normal to baptize a little bit! 

The Lord has promised that there are people ready!! Whether it be Utah, Alabama, Argentina or China! We just have to be willing to work to find them! Faith leads to Works, and the only secret to Missionary work, is Work.

I Love you all!! 
Que Tengan una semana Maravillosa!! Felicidades por haber terminado un otro año de la escuela!! Les Quiero Muchísimo!!

Elder Ryan

1. We were so good with the first Open Chapel, they called us back
2. Like Father Like Son
3. Me with Juan el Bautista y Jesucristo
4. Otra Foto



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