Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 15 - Baptism of Graciela

So this week was really good, just kinda want to talk about some stuff. 

So first, like I said, we had our second baptism with Graciela Woo hoo!! Really, with her in the beginning. She didn't want much with the church, but then one day it just all changed, and she asked us when she could get baptized!!

Later I learned that she began to personally start the Book of Mormon, and read about how Nephi wanted to know the things of his father for himself, and after that, she did the same, offered a prayer, and recieved an answer that this church is true.

This week I did a little Mini Divisions with Elder Garcia, and he asked me a question, What has been the greatest part of your mission so far? I didnt realize it up to this point, but I had so many things!! And I realized I have had so many miracles, some small and some big, and really this mission is changing me!!

We also talked about how strange it was that I am in argentina, with a missionary plaque on my chest, speaking with a chilean in spanish haha This week Elder Saez was sick one day so we stayed in most the day, and I read 350 pages in Jesus the Christ and finished it. 
Elder Saez and I have really turned a corner, we never had a problem with each other but we just didn't click, until these past few weeks. I feel like I'm with one of my best friends or brothers now haha, even though he's older than Ronnie haha!!
I want to bear my testimony on this church. We really do live in a time where there are angels and Miracles!! Just like when Christ ministered in Jerusalem. Just a few weeks ago, one of my best friends here, Elder Soto, gave a blessing to a man who hadn't been able to stand in years. In Years!!! and the next day, he was walking!!! This is stuff from the bible, Miracles, and they can happen today. Read your scriptures, pray Every day, and have faith. its sooo simple but we all find reasons not to do them. We have the opportunity to have this church in our lives. Dont waste it.
I love you all
Elder Ryan



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  1. Wow, his testimony gives me CHILLS!!!! That last bit was powerful stuff! I love all these pictures so much. I'm sure he stands out a TON there!! Ha.