Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 3 - You don't knock, You clap...

Hola Everybody!!!
So this last week we went proselyting!!! Its such an advantage to be at this CCM!! I am so immersed into the argentine culture, I'm the minority so its helped me learn spanish so much quicker, and I've got to go proselyting in my area!!! (Well it was in the west mission, but who cares hahaha)
It was sooooo coool!!!!! First, the non spiritual stuff, we had the most amazing food!! Alfajores, Ice Cream, and churros, they do it better here.. hahaha
Also I've never seen a parrot before, and we saw a whole tree full of them!!
We were proselyting during the siesta, so people weren't out in the streets really. So we had to go door to door, and you dont knock, you clap... hahaha
Whenever someone saw us walking towards them, they'd cross the street... I guess two white hair americans isn't   appealing here haha. And when you would actually get close enough to say Hola, they'd act like they didn't here you. 
I was able to give my first BOM to a man named Brian, really cool dude, really interested. Towards the end we gave another to a man named Roberto, we might get to revisit him this Saturday. But the big deal was this man named Christian. We clapped at his house, he came out and we taught him about the BOM and we learned about how his daughter had died two years ago, and we got a return appointment this saturday!!! Hopefully it goes well, because this is our only opportunity to return (The CCM only sends you to a proselyting area twice).
I got your package!! thanks so much!! Also I tried to send a letter without a stamp... again... so I probably won't send letters till after the CCM
I've had to say 4 public prayers now... Twice in sunday school (Which is with all the Norteamercanos) to bless the Santa Cena, and once in front of the entire CCM at a fireside. I talked to Elder Hogan, and he said that usually people will only get chosen maybe once haha, but for some reason whenever presidente asks for a prayer he instantly says, and this isnt a joke, Where's Elder Ryan hahaha. and they have to be in spanish so its a little ride. All the older elders joked about it a lot because it was random, hahaha its so good tho
Tuesday I said goodbye to my Roomates, Paiva y Saeteros, I wanted to cry, I love them!! And even worse Elder Hogan, that one was hard. Although he pointed out we are in the same ward now, so we will see eachother enough after the mission, I'm so glad I got to become so close with him while he was here!
For two days there were only 11 people in our CCM!!! Not your normal experience for a CCM. Especially compared to the Provo and Mexico. Its such a blessing to have such a small CCM, we literally are all so close to our Presidente and his wife. We had an ice cream party with him, it was amazing.
I also got to play the piano once again!! Wasnt even rusty!! hahaha
The new people coming in have been so much fun to meet!! We just make it a blast welcoming them in, and we can actually speak spanish now so we can actually communicate!! hahaha
Once the whole new group gets here we will have about only 65 people here, because there arent going to be any new norteamericano groups (The CCM is closing in 3 weeks for renovations)
I'm doing so good!! Love you all and love hearing from you!!!
Hasta Luego!!

Elder Ryan

Saying good bye to Elders Paiva and Saeteros

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  1. I LOVE this!!! I'm guessing the President likes Jordan's prayers if he always calls on him! Ha, that's awesome.