Thursday, June 22, 2017

Week 45 - Where Do We Start - Damiana

May 22, 2017

We all knew it would happen for years now, but it doesn't take away from the sweet moment. Congrats on the Marriage, and welcome to the family Kal! (Officially haha)

It's been a week of a lot of learning in my studies. On Wednesday I did some exchanges with Elder Cunningham in his area. In the night we just turned on a bunch of Bruce R McConkie. Lets just say we were mezmorized by how cool his talks were, and I literally don't think I've sat thinking so deeply about anything in my whole life for so long of a time! 

I'm not sure what all the talks were, but one was his on the Atonement, one on the Priesthood, one on the Law of Consecration, the Book of Mormon, and like 7 others that I can remember.

Anyways it was weird the next day. I had felt so much more in depth with my knowledge of the Gospel, that I could feel so much more spirit in everything. When I testified in the streets it felt so much stronger as I literally felt so much importance of the message we had. Then I realized something about God and Knowledge.

I Really didnt learn anything new in all my studies or listening to McConkie. It wasn't like I found some new secret fact about the gospel. Rather the more we search the truth, The more God just makes it understandable to us.

Theres no big secrets to the Gospel, just how much you put in to it. The More You Read, Pray, Go to church, serve in your callings, and in your families, God simply shows you the truth, and it truly is so joyous.

This Sunday we had a lady come to church whose name is Damiana. I have been frustrated with people not coming to church lately. On Sunday she was the only one we had as well. 

After church we went and visited her, expecting to be rejected. We found out that recently in her life, she has been searching the church that could really help her problems. Shes had 2 kids die and wants to know where they are. She wants to know HOW to follow Christ, and what are his commandments.  (For those Not familiar with the Missionary lessons, they basically answer exactly all these needs that she has).

I sat there with Elder Smith thinking, "What should we teach?" Everything we have will help her, where do we start?!

We decided, with a strong expression to say this only "Damiana, Javier (Her husband) There are soo many things that we can tell you guys, but We promise you, and we can explain later why, that to be baptized in this church, it will lead you to all these answers"

They acepted to be baptized, and later told us that they felt everything that they heard in the church was directed towards them. (BTW we were all crying during the whole lesson).

So yeah, that was a good experience!

Love you All and hope the greatest week for yall!!

Elder Ryan

Lunch Today, Rawfish meal from Peru (Cerviche) And supporting Jayd and Kal on friday (I promise the pants are blue, but they came out real black in the pic)


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