Thursday, June 22, 2017

Week 42 - Miracles, Obedience, & New Callings

May 1, 2017

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYDON!!! I love you so much!! Thanks for the example that you have always set for me!!

So a week of straight work haha
Some fun things, I was the witness at the wedding for Ruben and Lidia Gaona. They are less actives who we have working with since I got here.

Also as hot as it was, this week changed so quick and was freezing cold with rain.... 

Last week President gave of us this promise:
If you all leave at 10 a exactly, saving your studies for the Nap time (The afternoon where everyone is sleeping) and if we share 30 Books of Mormon, that we would see miracles. 

Me and Elder Smith tried so hard this week to do it, and as President said, we would see miracles. We have a goal in the mission to have 10 New Investigators each week, in my whole mission I've gotten it twice, but this whole transfer I've wanted to break it so bad. The Lord blessed us soooo much this week, we were able to find 18 New Investigators!!! 

President promised it, and It happened! Obedience brings about many blessings. This last transfer has been filled with miracles and learning, and I think it was due to how obedient that Elder Smith and I could be, its been awesome!!!

Today is transfers, and I have been asigned as the new District Leader!! Also I'll be staying another transfer with Elder Smith!! 

Love you All!!!! 
Elder Ryan


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