Thursday, June 22, 2017

Week 41 - Matias, Jackets, Gifts

April 24, 2017

Another Great week in Buenos Aires.
It's starting to get colder now, and we are learning that Jackets are something that argentine robbers like. 

This week the guy who robbed us a few weeks ago with Cesar stopped me and my comp in the street again. We actually know him pretty well now, his name is Matias. Anyways, he wanted my jacket. About a year ago he robbed the Elders and stole the 2 Jackets they were wearing. I told him no, and he just kept telling me to give it to him. He then told me he would trade 2 that he has, for the one I had (The two that he stole from E Aguilar and E Romero, also good buddies of mine in the mission). I told him if he came to church I'd trade him there. He kept complaining telling me I'm a servant of God and should be willing to give gifts like that. I replied saying, I have a pretty good gift, that's better than any that I can give you (while pointing to the BOM). Anyways, long story short, I was able to use my words to get away from him, and he didn't come to church so I still have my Jacket.

Also Lots of questions about my relation with my comp, Elder Smith. Hahaha we have some fun, we will just leave it at that ;) haha we actually get along really well, and I feel like the best part is that we have been able to accept the advice of the other really easily.

The only spiritual memory from this week that comes to my mind is Leandro and Ellen. We have been working with them forever (Ok like 3 weeks) and we just can´t find their need. They know about all of the commandments they need to follow, they just don´t follow them. So we had a whole lesson trying to help them out, and by the end me and my comp pretty much felt like we were gonna have to leave them, and move on. Anyways, in like the last 30 seconds Leandro said, "Do you want to know why I don't read the BOM?"  we replied, "Sure" (YES PLEASE TELL US!!), he said "I know that if I read it, I will have the knowledge of the truth, yet I still won't be able to keep the commandments, I'm just not able" 
Me and Elder Smith then had the opportunity to testify that he can, in a few short sentences we told him how he is a son of God, and has divine power just for being his son. The last thing we told him, was "You are able" 
We then quickly said a prayer, and we left, and the spirit was very strong in their house. We will see tomorrow if they have decided to accept it.

Also this week me and Elder Smith were in charge of the Baptismal font on the tours of the Church, in a "Open Chapel" activity. It was sooo good, the ward brought so many people and now we have lots of new opportunities this week.


Elder Ryan

1. Argentine Grill
2. Open Chapel Activity
3. We invented a pole long enough to reach our keys that were locked inside :)


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