Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week 39 - Bautismo de Ivan!

April 10, 2017

So it was just aweek of the Lord working for us in Jose Leon Suarez 2.
This week we had about a total of 2 days of work. Heres what else we did:
Tuesday we had a meeting with President till 9. Wednesday, We worked:) Thursday, we had to go with the Zone Leaders to work in their area. Friday we had to move pensions (terrible btw) and then afterwards we had to go visit the mission offices (And no one was there when we finally arrived). And Saturday we had a weird division with one of our Zone Leaders and we worked half the time in our area and the other half in his. Straight Up Wierd week.
Here`s why I say the Lord is working here with us:
With ALL of these time takers we had, We had 9 new investgators, and a Baptism! Its a miracle in itself!
Ivan Peña is who got baptized. He is the son of Ruben Peña, an Investigator who is about to get married to be baptized. When I got here he was into a ton of drugs and many other worldly things and never stayed long enough to listen to us. Then 2 weeks ago, without invitation, he came to church. and was baptized is two weeks. He dropped everything and changed in just 2 weeks! Its quite a miracle.
Later we also found a family of 5, Family Herbas, who have been before and liked the church, has an uncle who is a 70, and were so nice to us. We gave a blessing to their house and their was such a powerful spirit there! Ill update y´all later on how their doing.
I Love You All!! Ojala que sepan eso!! Estoy tan agredecido por poder conocerles y tener de su apoyo! Les Amo!!

Elder Ryan

Views from the new pension

Ivan's Baptism 

I found a nice suit in our old pension!

Moving process

Baptism of Ivan!

Morning Basketball!

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