Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 4 - One month!

Hola everyone!!!! I can't believe I've been here a whole entire month!! Its flown by to a point that it scares me, haha

So this week in proselytismo (btw we get to go every Saturday while in the CCM) was slower. Not as many people to talk to, but I got kissed by some old Catholic on the cheek, weird, and we had our return appointment with Christian. At first we were praying he'd be home, and want to talk to us again. We rang his doorbell, and he came out instantly and led us through his house to his backyard which he set up drinks for us!! We talked for an hour and a half about all these different questions he had. It took so long because it took us a while to communicate sometimes, it was amazing!!
His wife kissed our cheeks when we left, because we had no idea how to stop her.. haha we will learn, we confessed to presidente just in case, haha he laughed at us. 
Sunday was our first sacrament meeting with the latinos, and it was fast sunday so it was testimony meeting. I bore my testimony in spanish and I think they understood, haha. Also these Latinos can't sing... at all. 

This week has been a lot of refocusing and intenser studying (I think that's a word). I sometimes want to kill my new latino roomates, one snores louder than you can believe and kept me up till 2 am one morning!! I finally threw a pillow at him, and was able to fall asleep before he could start snoring again haha

These new latinos like to play ball with me, I'm the tallest person here and one of two people who actually plays, haha its so entertaining to play them. There's this shorter Elder Lugo who is from Mexico who you can tell played a little bit before the mish, who's pretty fun to play with, and he's going to BA Norte. I sliced my hand open on the rim on a dunk, they hold the nets up with Zip ties, and it really hurt, but I'm good.

I need to tell you about my instructor Hermano Martinez. He's our nightly teacher, a seminary teacher, recently returned missionary, and when we go to the temple each Thursday he officiates our sessions. Honestly the coolest man I've ever come in contact with!! I'll get a pic with him later, hes the best!!

Thats about it from my claustrophobic priso.. I mean ccm haha

Also there's an Elder in my district named Elder Hurst, he's from Viewmont and played basketball there, and we realized we played on Hustle together, hahaha so cool!!!!

Hasta Luego, Les Amo!!!

Bird Poop. 

Not sure why he's kissing this fat tree...

His and Jaydon's missions 

More packages!


  1. "Also these Latinos can't all." My favorite line. That is SO funny...sounds like they aren't ballers either­čśé

  2. "Also these Latinos can't all." My favorite line. That is SO funny...sounds like they aren't ballers either­čśé