Thursday, June 22, 2017

Week 43 - Phone calls and talking to EVERYONE

May 8, 2017

Hola Everybody!!

Yes in response of some of your comments, the weather has flipped a 180 down here. Its currently raining, and its pretty cold now.
Very, Very busy week.

I quickly learned that being a District Leader basically takes up all free time that you have a night. It's been nothing but talking on the phone till its almost time to sleep. 
But I Love It!! 

My District is so great, and I love being able to help them all in anyway that I can!! It's also been a motivation to Elder Smith and me to try to set the best example we can to everyone in Working hard, obeying the rules, and following the advice and standards that President Smith has given us.

This week has just been work. We are seeing many miracles with the many people that we have been able to find and teach.

This last week we baptized and Confirmed a girl named Candela! Shes a friend of Ruben Peña, an investigator who will get married this Thursday, and baptized and confirmed this weekend.

We are really focusing in on baptizing weekly! Its difficult but possible, no matter where you are!! Me and Elder Smith have been talking to what seems like hundreds of people everyday! Right now we are focusing in on sharing 30 Books of Mormon every week (And to get a return visit with each one), to find at least 10 new investigators every week (Which beforehand I thought was close to impossible), and to invite EVERYONE to be baptized.
After talking to many people (And I mean a lot, Elder Smith has NO fear) we have been able to have 2 weeks of miracles with 34 New Investigatos and 70 Books of Mormon! Also the Lord is blessing our area with lots of people to be able to be baptized every week.

Its a very miraculous part of my mission right now. I wish I could write out all of the successes that we are seeing instead of just numbers, but thanks to so many miracles, it would take a very long time!

Thanks for all your emails, letters, prayers!! I promise I read them all, and that i love hearing from you guys!! 


Les Amo Muchísimo!! 
Elder Ryan


Baptism of Candela!



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