Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Week 20 - Changes, Divisions, Chastity and Prayer

So this week, we finally got Marcela to the church!!!  And also something has changed in her. She's so open with us now, likes to joke with us, excited about going to church, AND about trying to get an answer if this gospel is right!

That's about as far as we've got with investigators, we have about 7 other solid possibilities, but too early to tell. Other than that, this week was just a bunch of divisions. First with Elder Layton, which really pushed me because its the first time I've had more time in the mission than my comp I was with.
Later in the week I was with Elder Millar, my new Zone Leader. It was awesome. We had so many weird experiences, but the best was that we had this one lady telling us we know nothing of the Law of Chastity, because we're not married (We were explaining to this woman she had to get married) And I pulled out a pic of my family, shared my testimony of how happy we are because my parents are married, and also Taylor and Ronnie in their marriage, and she stopped critizing us and listened!!

We also had to cement a ceiling in the Villa Oculta, that was hard, because gravity was against us (I think I included a pic). 

Just want to leave my testimony with the power of prayer. I don't know how many times the  Lord answers my prayers, EXACTLY, Every single day. I know he's with us!!
Love You All!!


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