Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Week 22- Repentance is a gift!

Well there's not much to talk about this week, basically we tried to work 4 areas as one companionship and it was difficult, but we still got a lot done.

As for my investigators, Jimena is apparently moving to Bolivia, Marcela couldn't come because she had to visit her family, Martin didn't come and we still don't know why. But Vanessa came with her sister, we think that now that school is over for them they'll  have time now, so we have lots of high hopes for them!!

This week went by really fast. And right now I can't even really remember all that we did haha, but something we have been trying to  do more and focus in more on is repentance. Every missionary in the Book of Mormon starts off with repentance, and so we started inviting more for people to repent. And it worked haha. I thought we'd sound crazy, like standing in the street yelling REPENT!! hahaha but no, it actually helps the investigator open up more and talk. Its been great. 

Also I've been studying more about our own personal repentance, and how necessary it is to do every day!! It really isn't a bad thing, repentance, its one of the best gifts we have, made possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Don't Ever be scared to repent.
Alright thats all, Les Amo Muchisimo!! Tengan una Buena Semana!!
Y Feliz Navidad!!
Elder Ryan


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