Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 23 - Repentance

Happy Birthday to my little brother Bryson last week!! Also Happy Birthday to my big brother Ronnie!! Love you Both soo much!

Really nothing much is happening here new. As for my investigators, they're all doing good, just stagnant. Lately we have 2 new investigators at church every week, but the problem is that the ones who came the week before don't come, so no one really progresses. Right now we are basically running across 4 areas trying to work, its been difficult. The most we are trying to do is maintain the investigators we have until we are no longer a trio.

I believe I've already mentioned our missions focus is "Repentance". This week while studying it and how its a process I realized sonething. It's not just a process for ourselves for different individual sins that we commit, its literally our whole lives. Repentance is the process from changing ourselves to be ready to meet God. Any effort you make to do things a little better is Repentance, not just trying to stop doing a specific sin. Our lives are processes of repentance, so that one day we will be able to recieve the blessings that we can reach after this life

I love you all soo much!! Have such a good week!

Elder Ryan

Elder Layton 


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