Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Week 21 - Flood the World with the Book of Mormon

Alright. Love hearing from you all, if Idon't  respond I'm sorry, but I try haha. 

Anyways for those of you that don't know this is the plan of my mission. Our president had a revelation: "Flood the world with The Book of Mormon", and he put a goal that we need to  share 30 BOMs every week, and it only counts if you get their name, address, number, and fix an appointment. Honestly, its hard.

Some weeks me and my comp would get as high as 25 but normally we get like 15. But this week we finally went hard, and got 35!! Honestly we've had so many blessings from it!! Sunday we had a really good investigator named Jimena come to church, we are really excited about her, Marcela didn't come, but weve still made lots of progress with her, we had another man named Martin show up randomly. Never met any member or missionary, but came to church Sunday and is interested!!

Really the Lord blessed us because we did what our president has asked us. He could tell us to do anything and we will be more successful because he is the man called to run and oversee the work in my mission.

Also an elder finished his mission this week, because he has to start school, and now his comp is with Elder Saez and me. So I'm back in a trio haha. His name is Elder Bateman from Washington. 

Alright more next week, hopefully I can think better my mind just isn't working right now haha
Love you All 
Elder Ryan
Sharing Book of Mormon
Elder Culebro (The elder who went home)

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