Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Week 19 - Do Your Part

First off, Happy Birthday Tomorrow to my fav little Niece!!! Te Amo Tyn!!! 

To be honest there's not much to write about at all.

I think this might be the hardest that I've worked this week. We were extremely diligent and obedient in every thing we did this week, and it was so easy for me to talk with people, and I Loved it!!!

At the end of the week we had 7 really good potential investigators!!! We set good plans to get them all to church... And not one came.  The ones we went to take to church, told us they couldn't go, and also the others that members went to find, couldn't go either. That really sucked, not going to lie at all. You'd think with 7 really good investigators, one would come, but no. 

That was really disapointing, but afterwards, Elder Saez told me, I don't feel sad or bad at all, of course I feel sad they didn't come, but we worked hard, simply the investigators didn't do their part. 
Which is true... But I still didn't like it haha

But honestly I felt really good this week from what me and Elder Saez could accomplish

Alright I know this is email is short and kind of boring, but theres not much to write, I love you All!!

Elder J Ryan

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