Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week 34 - Work and Desire

March 6, 2017

The Mission really starts blending together.
To explain this week in a few words: Sickness, work, and desire.

As the mission goes on, my desire to change myself, to work even more than what I'm doing, and to just do the will of the Lord grows crazily! It's so weird, because I can see the Lord´s hand in all of it.
Its Incredible.

Really Me and Elder Arg├╝ello are just trying to work hard and find new people to baptize. We have gotten advice from leaders and President, and we're just trying to apply it. Little by little and with LOTS of work we have more results and Miracles.

Theres a ton of people I could talk about, but I'm still not sure if they will turn out to be real possibilities. 

The Family Gaona is doing so good! Im hoping soon to be able to include a bunch of their children who live close by. They have lots of kids that are already married and live in all the houses around their area. The only problem is a lot of them are angry with the Dad. But We want to reactivate those who are already members and baptize those that aren't with the Parents too!

Last night we had 15 minutes left to work before we had to go back to the apartment. We were one New Investigator away from reaching our goal this week. So I told my comp, We are going to find an Elect in the next 15 minutes and we are going to reach our goal. At every corner we said a prayer to know where to go. After 5 Minutes, a man yelled to us that he had a question. Turns out, he had heard the Elders from over 5 years ago, and his son got baptized! But he couldn't get baptized because he wasn't married to his girlfriend (and they lived together) And now they are separated and there are lots more people in the family. We taught him a quick 10 minute lesson, and have an appointment this week!!!

Love you all! Read, Pray, Go to Church, and Repeat ;) 

Have a great week!!!!!

Elder Ryan

Note from mom: Elder Arguello was sick part of the week and they had to stay home one day. 

The Trio is training! (Justice, Me & Leavitt) 

Elder Kasparian (we graduated from Davis together)

Divisions with a Elder Lugo (my bball buddy from the MTC)

The Zone

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