Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Week 36- Ciao Arguello/Hamburgers

March 20, 2017

So, Elder Arguello we know for sure is leaving tomorrow to his Mission in Mexico. Tomorrow is also transfers, so I won't know until then who will be my new comp.
Some fun things that happened this week, on Friday President Smith took me and Elder Arguello out with his family to eat, to do a farewell from the mission for my comp. They took us to... PF CHANGS!!! There is only ONE that exists in all of Argentina, It. Was. Amazing. Lettuce wraps, and everything hahaa.

Also I got sick of the fake hamburgers they make here, and one day we went and bought real meat, and everything else I needed, and I showed my comp what a real hamburger is haha. 

This week Heber got Baptized!! Things are going pretty well in Suarez right now. We want to start working with them and all the rest of the family members to help them come back to church, and get baptized.

We also found a woman this week named Laura. She didn't make it to church, we stilldon't  know what happened, but we have had some pretty spiritual lessons this week with her, and she even began to cry a few times with the spirit.

I'm excited to start this transfer and just FIND people. My biggest problem right now is keeping up my excitement to just talk with anybody. Once I get past the first rejection of the day, is usually when i feel good talking with anybody, but somedays its hard. Our President wants us to find 10 New Inv. every week. With E Santos we had 12 one week, but I want to reach it one more time!!

Thats about all from this week! I Love you All!! Stay Safe!!

Elder Ryan


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