Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 33 - Forgiveness and Families

February 27, 2017


So this has been a good week.
Last Monday night we were able to do a FHE with the Gaona Family. Their two kids, Heber and Sandra, aren't members and we are working with them. The Parents are members, but less active. But now they have been coming every Sunday for the past month. They went inactive for like 10 years, but they are seeing some big miracles happening, even though there are a lot of problems going on. There is a lot of hate in the family from things that have happened, And it is very hard for a few of them to forgive others in the family. But this last monday, they each shared how and why they feel the way do. There were lots of tears shed. And even though there are a few members still angry, in church on sunday they asked me to give them blessings to help them out.
It's so great to see the forgiveness in this family. They've come from extreme hatred for so many big mistakes, to trying really hard to change to have an eternal family.
Other than that, real possibilities that we have is Ruben. He is living with a member, but they're getting married here in a few weeks. Hes such a cool guy, and has been coming to church for months now haha.
This week has had a lot of learning. I have been praying a lot lately to know how I can help out my area better. My comp doesn't have much experience at all, and I have felt really lost in what we need to do. But this week I have had a lot of experiences that have helped me out a ton!!

I love you all!! Be safe all of you!! Pictures are coming later, the computers we have right now are garbage, but we are going to the computer in the church later to send you them!! :) 

Have a great week!

Elder Ryan

Happy Birthday Mom!

Sending Elder Gutz to the airport 

Nights in Suarez

The Elders of Jose Leon Suarez with the Ward Mission Leader (Arguello, Nunez, Andrade and Ryan)


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