Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Week 37 - Training and other scary stuff!

March 27, 2017

Monday night, the assistants called me to tell me I was going to train (They called at 2 am...)
And on Tuesday, I sent my Step Son, Elder Arguello to Mexico, and went to the mission home to pick up my new Son hahaha.
So I got there, and instantly found out that the Gringos in the new group were in the same district as Jaden Argyle in the CCM! Anyways, expecting a latino kid... I was given ELDER SMITH From Washington!!!! Woohoo, I'm training a Gringo!!

He's super awesome and super prepared to be a missionary already! Best Part... he's Blonde like me hahaha

This week we went to work right off the bat, I wanted to make sure he knows that its work to be here, so that he would get used to it. He's so great and doesn't have any fear to talk with the people, even with the language barrier!

We worked soo hard, but only got one new person to church by the time we had arrived. I was bummed with the results, thinking we should have been able to bring more people. When one of our other investigators showed up, bringing his son with him for the first time!! And he accepted, a baptism date! His name is Ivan!! He acepted a baptismal date, so we will see.

We also have a woman named Laura, who started coming to church, and a man named Ruben. Ruben is super awesome, just needs to get married. This week were gonna go and help him set up the wedding date!! WooHoo

Also, I never share these stories, but I want to share this one this week.
So on Saturday night, while leaving an investigators house with Cesar (Our Ward Mission Leader) Some sketchy looking 20 year old stopped us to ask questions about the church. After sharing the Book of Mormon with him, we left to go contact someone, and Cesar left to go home. We got half a block away and the Sketchy dude (Matias) started yelling "Hey Chicos, Esperen" (Wait). I told E Smith to keep walking fastly and act like we didn't hear, and we hauled out of there. I called Cesar and told him, "Hey, um He's chasing us, please come back." We got 3 blocks away and Matias Reached us. As soon as he put his hand on my shoulder, Cesar came to a sliding stop on his bike right next to us (Literally it was so cool like the movies). Cesar is a pretty strong guy, who used to play soccer for the professional Boca team here. So he saved us hahaha

And the next morning we had to go to the same place to take our investigator to church. Cesar came with us again, and when hewasn't  looking, Matias robbed a huge bag that he had. So yeah. 

But the point, was the miracle timing that Cesar had to save us haha. Count your blessings!

Love you Alll!!!!

Elder Ryan

Last days of the transfer 

Elder Smith


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