Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 30 - Transfers: staying or not?

February 6, 2017

So, I don't think I'll get transferred, looks like I'm  gonna have my 5th transfer here.. hahaha. President just called my comp to tell him he has a new assignment for him. He didn't tell him what, but President only calls the Zone Leaders.. so it looks like he will leave, and I will stay for 7 and a half months here.

Anyways, this week was AMAZING. I've been really down on myself with how my area is just doing, Ok. Also its been tough lately to work! But this week we finally got to get out and really work. I wanted so bad to have some success after this crazy transfer that we have had. We worked hard, practicing everything we have learned from the changes, and I fasted this weekend for a good turnout!

Sunday came and, BOOM. We set up for 7 Investigators to come, and we had 9!! We had a Baptism, Jessica, and now her family all has dates to be Baptized in 2 weeks. Rocio came and is ready for her baptism this week. Emanuel (Another Investigator) came and is really excited to be baptized in 2 weeks. Also another lady showed up, shes married and has a family of 6!! 
Attendance here normally is about 90. 170 people showed up!!!! Also the other missionaries had a baptism as well, plus 7 more investigators. 
In other words.. The Lord answered my prayers, but WAY more than what i was expecting!! 
I was sad yesterday, because I thought Iwasn't  going to get to see what happens with all these people, but now it looks like I'll be here!!
Thanks for all your prayers, I love you all, and until next week
Elder Ryan

Mom edit: he actually did get transferred :) near the end of our email back and forth, he announced that he was actually going to be transferred. Not sure where. We will have to wait a week to find out!



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