Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 28 - God is with us

January 23, 2017
First, WELCOME TO EARTH GRIFFIN BRENT HURST!!!! Woohoo 2x Uncle now hahaha.
Congrats Tay and Ronnie!!!! So excited for that little blondie you've got there!

There's not much to write about this week. If all goes good, we should be having a baptism for Daliana, an investigator we have that reads and prays more than any I have had, this sunday!!
Elder Santos is doing sooo good!!! Really! I'm so grateful to hear him teach every week. I have never heard such a powerful testimony!! Even just doing little practices, his testimony just is a wave of the spirit. I know his Dads calling on the other side of the veil, is to accompany him here.
Just want to leave my testimony that I know without a doubt how true this gospel is! Really, I just see too many miracles everyday, too many that I cant deny that someones has influence over it all. God is with us, just have to look for it.
Love You All!!
Elder Ryan


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