Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 31 - Jose Leon Suarez

February 13, 2017

So... I got transferred. Parque Avellaneda to Jose Leon Suarez. And I'M A STEP DAD. My comp is Elder Arguello. On my way to my new area I was notified by some mission leaders that I was made Senior Companion, and Trainer. Elder Arguello already did one transfer of his training, and I'm finishing it. We share the ward with the Zone Leaders.

Also Elder Jensen is in the zone with, Elder Guttierez!! So excited to see them again!!!
The area is Country!! I'm in the countryside, and I have a Villa hahaha. I can't escape the Villas hahaha. But it is soo much poorer and crazier here. Pigs and Horses just walk the streets freely! 
Yesterday we were supposed to have a baptism, and everything was going good. It was an older lady, 88 years old, Julia. She was in the Font getting baptized by my comp, and it failed two times, or, her feet came out two times. So I got in the font to help. Anyways, when I got in she was mad, and tired. And she told us she wanted to leave. I tried to help her out, show her that it was the right decsion to try it one more time, so that she would be baptized. But she didnt listen and she left... from the font.
So biggest fail of my life haha

Well thats about all I have, hope I have more next week hahaha

Love you all!!
Elder Ryan

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