Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week 11 - Challenges and Service Projects

Hola Todos!
Basically with my investigators, Jairo doing well, just have to wait for him to be ready, so were visiting him a little less. Ricardo, Lurdes, and Gary we cant talk to because their building owner is a drunk and hates us. 

So our zone was almost last place last week in giving out books of mormon, so president called us in a conference call and kinda animated us, to do better. And this week we were 2nd in the mission
On friday we did a zone activity where we all went to some areas that needed help, and shared books of mormon. Now how this is the statistic, you have to gift the book and get their reference. And in an hour and a half we did 41!! I did three, and 9 together with E Aguilera and Gutierrez, we three went together. 

Something I've done twice this week is a Dan Jones.. It's where you stand in public and just preach holding the book of mormon high. I did them on collectivos and it works, we've gotten references!! Its so scary but you can feel the spirit direct your words. 

We got a new investigator this week, named filiberto, he's trying to find the right church, and we got his reference from a less Active.  During the lesson he asked for a priesthood blessing and we gave him one. But when we went to get him for church he couldn't go, and then an evangelist stopped us and told us all the things wrong with our church, and we almost missed sacrament... 

Thursday night we were chilling in my pension, and all of a sudden there were sirens, gun shots, and ambulances in front of our pension. We ran and turned off the lights and hid in the kitchen on the floor, basically laying on each other (There's four of us) Don't know what happened but after five minutes the street was silent. 

And for those worried about my safety, I'm fine, honestly. 

Friday night we had to go to the ZLs church because E saez had to interview an investigator. And the interview went till 9:15 and we couldn't get back to our pension in time, so we had to stay with them in their pension again, haha they ordered us a mountain of asado, french  fries, chorizo... oooo sooo goood

Saturday we had a big service project by the church, painting fences and planting plants at a hospital. I saw E Jensen, Justice, and Leavitt, all are doing awesome!!

Thats about it, Love it here, its a new adventure every day . I'm so lucky to be in this mission, all the elders are so close, and we have so much fun teaching this gospel together, love you all!

Les Amo un Montòn!! Lean el Libro de Mormòn TODOS, si tienen un testimonio de esto, todo serà bien

Elder Jordan J Ryan

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  1. A Dan Jones? That sounds FRIGHTENING!!!! does this area, sheesh!!!