Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 14 - Learning to Listen to the Spirit

First Baptism!!!! But I'll talk about that later. 

So I don't have much time, but to sum up my week, we officially have the new villa Oculta, and inside is a building called the Elefante Blanco.. its interesting and if you care to know more you could probably look it up and see how "fun" it is haha

There have been a lot of protests lately, dont know why, but we've had to leave the villas some days because there were fires all over the streets. 

I had to go do Immigrations this week, and before I left I thought, I should take my handout English book of mormon, but turned the thought away. Later I met two professional Bball players (Argentine Professional) and after a long and good talk (Theyre from the states) I realized I didn't  have a Book of Mormon, only Libros de Mormon... I learned to listen to the spirit because I could have given them a book they could have read!

Graciela is doing awesome we should baptize her this week!

And, after mispronouncing the baptismal prayer twice, on the third try Jairo was baptized!! wohoo! Honestly was so great
I've been reading in the end of Alma with all the wars and Moroni, honestly this is my favorite part of the book of mormon!! I hope we all have the courage to stand up for whats right like moroni!!
Les Amo Todos!!

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