Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week 13 - 3 months!

3 Months... holy cow so crazy, I feel like last week I was packing my bags... weird

Anyway first off- whats been happening. There's a new Elder who's training in my ward!! His name is Elder Layton (His family settled Layton) from Idaho. He's also really tall, and it feels good to be able to help someone with spanish!!
Also I got some letters this week, the offices brought them to me, but not the package haha sorry. But I loved them, thanks soo much!!:) Made my day. 

Jairo is going to be baptized this week!! I have faith. He really is so strong in the church. He already goes to mission prep, and seminary, and institute, and mutual, and attends church every week.. We also showed him the full movie of the Restoration this week, and he told us a story of how his grandma started bashing our church, and he bore his testimony to her and I've never been prouder.

We have a new investigator who has been to church twice now, she's from the area we just got added on to ours. Her name is Graciela, she's really nice, but we just have to hope, maybe we will be able to baptize her this week. 

Really, I've had some pretty rough times with everything, and I've been on my knees a lot trying to find some answers, and this week they came. Elder Garcia (The new missionary for Elder Gutierrez) was telling us about how one day he realized, its literally a commandment to be happy, and idk why but I just made myself be happy, and I was. I stopped thinking about the negatives, and just focused on being a missionary with a good atitude, and it changed everything in the matter of 2 days!!

Also I feel I've come closer to a stronger testimony in the book of mormon. Here's a quote that I loved this week fromElder  Holland: "No wicked man could write a book such as this, and no good man would write it, unless it were true, and he were commanded to do it."

I know this church was restored through Joseph Smith. And that this is THE Church of Jesus Christ. Not A church, but HIS church! And we have the opportunity to share that, everyone! How great is that? Just a thought, never take for granted the knowledge we have.

Love you all,
Elder Ryan

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  1. What a powerful letter. I love this, it totally gave me chills.