Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Week 10 - Divisions

Happy Birthday Brynn!!! Te amo Hermana!! Ten un Buen Dìa!!

First I want to ask you guys to send me any stories that you might have that I could apply to my investigators.
Alright, so my investigator didn't get baptized. Jairo, the day before, expressed different fears of being ready to us, but afterwards broke into tears as he shared his testimony of this church being he true church on the Earth. We then told him we would be ready for him at church if he wanted to be baptized, and he didnt end up coming to church.
We also stopped by four other investigators houses to get them to church, and all weren't home, wouldn't answer their phones. It was a disappointing day, kinda. 

Other things that happened this week, I went on Divisions with the Zone leaders again, but this time I was with Elder Ahumada, from Peru. It was a solid day, got a lot done. I love their villa (We worked in their area) Its a lot bigger and more dangerous than mine. And always in their villa I have drunks, and other people yelling things at me like, HELLO! or ¿Que està haciendo en mi Pais Gringo? (What are you doing in my Country Gringo) haha. There are some pretty racist people against me here, and yeah it kinda sucks sometimes.

Anyways we changed how we do divisiones. Now both companionships work in one area. And we both stay in the pension of whoevers area we are in. Me and Elder Saez thought we'd be going back to our own pension... So all we had that night were our proselyting clothes haha. Elder Guttieriez would only let me wear one thing of his. His chilean jersey and shorts, and he told me "This is for your Brother" hahaha
He took some pictures, I'll see if I can get them from him.

There are lots of weird things that happen to me cause I'm gringo. For instance, a dude came up to me yelling at me basically, saying, Do you support Trump or Hillary?? And proceeded to tell me why both are devils... I said "I'm from Switzerland" and he left me alone! haha

Food wise this week, I had this sandwich called a Chorizo, basically a big juicy sausage on bread and it costs 2 dollars so we bought it haha, and Mate, I can't drink the herb version, but I have had a lot of the packet version of it.

Pretty much it, I love you all so much, thanks for all you do for me and all you support!!!

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