Sunday, October 9, 2016

Week 12 - Time is Flying!

Two transfers down, and one down in the field!! Time is flying, its scary!!

I'm still with Elder Saez, but my roommates Elder Coltrin and Andrade both got transferred. They're gonna give me and Elder Saez their area, which means we will be in charge of 4 areas!! Parque avellaneda 2 y 3 and Villa Piletones, and Villa Oculta. 

Sadly, Elder Gutierrez was transferred, and so was Elder Soto!! And basically every other friend I made here in my area... But I played soccer with the new elders today and I like them. 

Concerning our investigators.. still just Jairo, we find a ton, but they never go to church or do anything, still looking.

This last week was weird, we didn't get to do much proselyting. We had to help a bunch of ward activites, Conference, We were a little sick this week with allergies (Elder saez was pretty sick, I was just a little) Also, Elder Soto got really sick this week and we had to give him a priesthood blessing, very crazy week.

Also in a ward activity a turtle peed on me..... 

So conference was awesome, I wish I could type up something about each speaker!! 

I can't say much right now about them because I have to listen to them again in english, but the spirit was awesome there!! I'll write more of my thoughts next week. 

During the conference on sunday, in between sessions, we had to prep a baptism for some hermanas, but when they filled the font in the morning, they left the drain open.. so we had to fill it with buckets of water to try to fill it up in time for the baptism, it was a pretty funny sight. 

Thats about it this week!! I love you all!!!

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  1. "In a ward activity a turtle peed on me....." pretty sure their are several statements just while living there that he never thought he'd say in his lifetime. Ha!