Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Week 8 - Wow the field is incredible!

Alright to answer your questions. Im in Liniers Parque Avellenda 2 y Villa Piletones. Haha the villas are dangerous, especially for a gringo like me, but seriously im fine haha, theyre are villas that are a lot more dangerous than mine here.
My companion is Elder Saez, hes a stud!! Hes from Chile, and is 28 years old... Hahaha yup 10 years older than me. He is even older than Ronnie. But he is like a kid at heart so its all good 
Argentina is great, we take buses every where and the driving here is the scariest thing ive ever seen, but its fun 
Right now were trying to find more investigators. President challenged all the DLs and ZLs in a meeting this week to give out 8 book of mormons a day And get a return visit with each one. Since Elder Saez is a DL, were trying to do that.
We are struggling to reach it... But its a little difficult, but in reality we have been getting a lot more citas and potential Investigators.
One experience this week was me and elder Saez were going at a house that we had recieved a reference from. after trying the doorbell 3 times we left, but i felt we needed to go back. And so we did, and met this new investigator Anahi. Not much has happened yet but we will have to see.
I love this place and i know im supposed to be here. Every time i walk through the villas and the ground is covered in trash and dog poop, i love it!! Yes i know, its weird, but for some reason i just love it sooo much here!!
Alright thats about all i can think to write, the spanish is coming along, just cant understand other people very well. Love You Alll!!!!

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  1. "The villas are dangerous, but seriously I'm fine."
    "The driving here is the scariest thing I've ever seen, but it's fun."

    Hahaha, so upbeat.