Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Week 7 - First area: Zone Liniers

Alright so much to write and not a lot of time to write. Anyways first off, I'm in the Zone Liniers, Parque Villanera and Villa Piletone.

My companion is Elder Saez! He's been here 20 months and is 10 years older than me... hahaha he is 28, hahaa
The very first night I was here an investigator, Jaero asked me to baptize him, and I would've yesterday but he is scared and wants to wait a week.
Honestly I'm having so much fun. I love proselyting in my villa. For those of you that dont know what a villa is, look up a picture haha. Theyre very poor and dangerous areas and I just love it haha. 
This whole week I've just been following my comp like a stray dog, not knowing what I am doing... haha, and he doesn't speak a single word of english... oh well

Lots of meetings this week, and I'm  struggling understanding. I can actually speak pretty well, spanish, but sometimes these people just say crazy things that I can't understand.
I went on divisiones con my Leader de zona, and el es un Capo!! (Stud) His name is Elder Gutierrez and he's from Chile (I think every elder, including my comp, in my zone is from Chile). Had so much fun and we got so much done! He's so sweet!!

A goal of our zone is to read the book of mormon in spanish in 1 month.-... that's 20 pages a day and it's so hard to read... hahah I'm done for.

Sorry this letter sounds so rushed, but I'm loving it here, all the missionaries are so much fun and I know this is where I'm  supposed to be!! hasta luego!!!

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