Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 25 - New Years Eve

New Years in Buenos Aires: Drunks, Fireworks, Parties, Fireworks, and more Fireworks!

Seriously from 12am to about 3am on New Years, I didn't sleep...there were so many!! But it was so cool! My whole pension was just lit up by the lights of all the fireworks!
Other than that, heat. I've given up on being dry or non sweaty. Its literally 24/7 heat. Midnight to the middle of the day.
Anyways Happy 2017!!
So the only big news, is that my Padre, Elder Saez, after 3 transfers together, went home. It was weird seeing all the process of a missionary finishing their mission... haha
My new comp is Elder Santos. Elder Saez was the oldest missionary in the mission, 28 years old. Elder Santos is next at 26 haha. One elder told me im bound to be comp the the "Patriarchal Elder" (Or oldest elder) until I finish my mish haha. He is a stud, andI've  already learned sooo much from him, plus he looks like and can dance like Carlton from Fresh Prince haha. He's from Brasilia Brazil, and has been here 18 months.

I've gotten some questions about how is it going with sharing 30 Books of Mormon per week. Well because of our mission, all of the area South America South doesn't have Libros de Mormon... so we can't share that many for right now haha.. oops
One thing I absolutely love about my comp is his desire to find teach and baptize families. Already in one week we have found 5 families!! Im so excited for this transfer and the faith we have in our area!!
Love you all!! Have a great year 2017
Elder Jordan Ryan


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