Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 17 - Cockroaches, Heat, Elefante Blanco, more Heat

Wow, this week went from hot, to freezing, and then for the last 4 days, SCORCHING!!! But the heat here is soo different. Its a sauna, and you just sweat. And the worst part, Elder Saez told me it'll get about 3 times worse than it already is.... Nooooo, ok I've never slept without any blanket or pillow before because it was too hot!!

Anyways, at least for now the Blondie, white, gringo boy hasnt been sun burnt, haha

So some interesting things that have happened this week. 

One, If you know what the Elefante Blanco is, or looked up what it is, its an abandoned hospital that is Enormous in the middle of our villa. And its been taken over by the people and its like full of bad stuff. Well anyways we started talking with this guy in the street, and all of a sudden all of his buddies (Which was basically the whole part of the villa we were in) came over to talk with us, and then we met "The Mama". The Mama basically is the mom of the villa, everyone knows her, and everyone loves her, and she invited us into the Elefante Blanco!!!! We met so many people!!! But not one of them were even a little interested. At least we now have a lot of good friends in the most dangerous part of the villa haha

Also I had a ten minute fight with a cockroach today. It got into one of my drawers on my desk, and for about five minutes I chased it around the drawer until I finally flicked it out. Then for about another five minutes I chased it around the pension, until finally it stopped, and snuck up behind it and jumped on it and killed it. It was a pretty actionate thing, because I basically wrecked the pension in the act.

Anyways those are my epic stories for the week.

Investigator wise. We passed by for Marcela 3 times every day and we never saw her, and also she didn't go to church on Sunday....

Vanessa, we had a really good lesson. She told us about how she read the Book of Mormon and how one verse stuck out to her, and she felt like it solved all of her problems, and she accepted a baptismal date! But then afterwards, she didn't want  to give us her cell number, also she didn't want to meet with us for another week, and she didn't come to church.

Basically we don't have anyone solid right now. We find a TON of people, but nobody who wants to progress. I have been fasting to find a family, or at least one person who will progress. And God is a God of Miracles, so Me and Saez will work harder to find 'em. 

Thats about all that happened this week.
I love you all and I love hearing from you
In my reading of the Book of Mormon I'm in Moroni 7. And basically what I've read this week is the destruction of the Jaredites, but also of faith. In Ether it talks a lot about faith. And with faith, the brother of Jared moved mountains, and even saw the Lord. He had so much faith, the Lord could not hide himself from him. Faith is power, but faith is also action. Faith leads us to action.

I Love you all, See yall next week
Elder Ryan


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  1. "I had a ten minute fight with a cockroach." Hahahahaha! That was FUNNY! His writing is so good, entertaining & powerful. I love the Book of Mormon summary. What an AWESOME kid he is!!!!