Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 16 - It's a straight sauna!

Bueno, First to Answer some of your questions. It is starting to get very hot here. I can't explain it, but its not just the sun, EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE is just hot, its a straight sauna and they tell me its gonna get worse.. No!!! Here's what Elder Cook told me; " You're gonna sweat through the night, wake up, take a shower, dry off, and once you're done dryingoff you'll   be soaked again with sweat." 
..... Hahaha oh well, another addition to my mission experience haha. I'm jealous of tucker talking about how cold it is way up north!!

Congratulations to Kaden Olsen!!! Ohio, Columbus!!! Hahaha hes gonna kill it there

No they dont celebrate halloween here, I'm very sad. But I'd be going as Captain America if I could, haha. Nobody here calls me Elder Ryan its either...
Soldado Ryan (Because of the movie Saving Private Ryan)
Captain America
Captain Rogers
Rubio (Blondie)
Or Flacco (Skinny)

Anyways so as far as investigators go, Jairo is doing great, he will get the preisthood soon!!!! Graciela was confirmed yesterday, and she told her mom that she wants to go on a mission!!!

We found a new investigator, Marcela, and her husband is a member, and she wants to be one too! She came to church yesterday so keep your fingers crossed and I'll work hard to make it happen, haha
We also found another investigator named Vannessa, her sister called us to come over because shes in pretty bad shape, and we were able to help her out, hopefully she continues to listen to us.

This week was a little weird. I ate a really bad pizza, and got sick the next day. I got rejected BAD by some dude. I basically just did my usual routine, and when I asked him his name, he got really mad at me saying that I have no respect to ask someones name and got mad when I mentioned church, it was interesting to say the least. 

Also this week we had interviews with President. It was good, we learned a lot about being organized in all of our stuff and in our Planning sessions.

Thats about it from Argentina...
Just want to tell you all to look for the miracles that happen every day in your life. They Are There!!! I promise you! Your life will be soo  blessed when you see them

Love you all so much!!! Read the Book of Mormon!!!



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  1. Randy explained Panama the exact same way!! SO super humid. Jordan's closing remarks are all just my very favorite thing. What a positive & awesome missionary. Love him!!!!