Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 2 - Groundhog Day

HOLA everybody!!!
This was a pretty tough week, not gonna lie. But at the same time, its amazing. 
Most of the time here we pretty much do the exact same thing that we did the day before. Estudiar de Idioma, Personal and Comp study, just same thing every day. Sometimes we have testimony meetings with our district, and they're always so incredibly strong!!! I love them!!!
We had a mock investigator for about a week and a half before we stopped lessons with them, and got evaluated. Turns out, the actors who were our investigators (who are our teachers) were acting as real investigators that they had on their missions!!! Once we found out they were real people, it was such a strong spirit! 
Sunday we got to watch The Testaments, and without fail, I cried at the end of the movie with Christ talking to Helam.
Yesterday our mission presidents came to visit us!! They have young kids with them. Their youngest, Johnathon, literally looks exactly like Brash Emery, but with Bryson's hair, straight mix of the two buds!! haha
I got your letters yesterday!! turns out a lot of peoples letters got here in under a week, which is really fast. Jaydon, I can't read yours... I'll piece it together when I know more spanish haha!!
It's so cool to have Elder Hogan here. He's still his same funny self that he has always been, but now we also have so many deep talks about the gospel and spirit. I'm so grateful and lucky to have him here. I think he leaves next Tuesday, which is gonna be terrible. 
This week we get to go proselyting!! I'm so excited to leave the pris.. err I mean CCM;)
I'm doing great!!! Its extremely hard, but extremely worth it, I love you all!! Hasta Luego!!

Elder Ryan

Thes are our room mates. Elder Paiva and Elder Saeteros! theyre amazing 
Paiva is the taller one

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