Thursday, July 21, 2016

Semana uno!!!!!

Excus my spelling, the keyboards are different here

Wow this place is amazing!!! I absolutely love it here! So the flight was the longest experience of my life, but I got to know my district really well. Elders Leavitt, Justice, Hurst (Only one in our district not going to BA Norte) Deshler, Jensen, Huber, Ellis, and Christiansen. And the Hermanas, Wilkes and Anderson. 
When we got off the plane we took so long to get through customs because of our complete inability to speak spanish. And Elder Jensen got scammed 60 bucks.... hahaha
When we first got here, we went through a bunch of orientation, and got our comps. I'm in the only trio companionship in the CCM. Elders Leavitt and Justice, we get along so well!! They both play sports and are awesome!!
The CCM is soo small in comparison to Mexico and Provo. I know everybody here already. It's straight Latinos with a couple of Norteamericanos. We all know the Presidente well, his Name is Presidente Benton, nicest man on earth!!!
We met our teachers, they are so spiritual, nice and funny. I actually was able to communicate with latinos right off the bat, but im just a slow speaker right now. 
We teach fake investigadores all the time, it's either a big mess or a spiritual hay day!!
Btw we only get to take photos on the temple grounds on sundays, someone got there camera stolen in the CCM recently so theyre not allowed rn.
Theres basketball courts here, and theres about four guys who know how to play haha. Elder Hogan and Me, btw its so awesome to see him here, hes still the same joker, but hes so spiritual strong its awesome!!! I keep accidentally calling him Cameron, haha. Elder Smellie, from idaho also plays with us, he was Idaho's Mr Basketball this last year, he looks a lot like Cal Leonhart.
We got to go in the city yesterday for our visas, it's so poor, and huge and european.!! its kinda awesome weird and sad all at the same time! i know im gonna love it!
We have two latino room mates, Elder Paiva (from Peru) y Elder Saeteros (From Ecudaor). They have literally helped me so much with spanish, and they are so funny. Me and my comps are very popular with the latinos becuase of them. we mess around so much, and teach them funny frases in english.
On a Language basis, i feel im doing pretty good, but sometimes i hit a wall
We went to the temple today, besides the fact of it being entirely in Spanish, it was soooo beautiful!!
Lastly, the spirit here is soooo strong. I get slapped with it in meetings all the time! Ive never had so many prayers get answered in my life while ive been in the CCM, i know im supposed to be here!!
I love you all, until next week

Love, Elder Ryan


  1. Hello, Jared Justice here. I found your son's blog and wanted to let you know that our sons are companions in the MTC!! It is fun to read your sons letters as it gives more info as to what ours is doing as well. If you would like to check out Elder Justice's blog, the address is:

  2. Thank you! We will definitely follow!